"Rent a car in Ithaca Greece and ensure that you do not miss a spot from Ithaca Landscape."

Our aim is to transform your trips with your rental car in Ithaca to the most enjoyable part of your vacation!

The cooperation with Ithaca Travel enables you to upgrade your vacation by combining the car rental with accommodation to any available villa or house in Ithaca. It is a package that you do not want to miss!

So when you plan your visit to Ithaca, let us introduce you to our exclusive car fleet and villas!

Our Services

ithaca car rental

Volkswagen Polo 1.4L TDI 105PS BMT

The Wolkswagen Polo is an ideal family car for your tours in our island. It is recognised by its safety, convenience and beautiful interior and exterior design.

Electric Bike

Rent an electric bike in Ithaca and enjoy a great experience.

Explore the villages of Ithaca either in the North or in the South.


Island Tour

We can offer you the opportunity to escape from the beaten path to discover some of Ithaca’s most hidden gems


Rent a boat in Ithaca and live an amazing experience: explore calm, beautiful bays with crystal clear light-blue waters and coastline with unique rock formation. This is how we describe boating in the Ionian Sea!!!”

Our standards

ithaca car rental
  • We always provide the best possible  service in Car Rental in Ithaca.
  • We always offer our customers a safe, clean and reliable car, with full insurance coverage(no-excess).
  • We always deliver the vehicle at the right place and the right time, for an  attractive purchase price with no hidden costs or other unpleasant “surprises”.
  •  We make friends not just customers. We are always here to make your  holidays memorable!

“We can deliver our rental cars at the Ithaca Port, at your accommodation, at any port of the island, or at our office.”


Do you want to spend time in the sea of Ithaca Greece? Try kayaking, snorkelling or simply walking along the coast in the privacy of a motor boat. Maybe getting off the beaten track? Have a guided tour, where Ithaca’s ancient past will be brought to life by a local and experienced agent. After all this exploration, surely a little pampering is in order. A beauty treatment, massage or a relaxing yoga session could be just the thing!


Famous all around the world and through the depths of time.
An island with a history that dates back thousands of years, a worldwide symbol of nostos and of the love we feel for our homeland, Ithaca could demonstrate nothing less than a rich culture, still alive and present in the everyday life of its inhabitants and visitors.