Do you want to spend time in the sea of Ithaca Greece? Try kayaking, snorkelling or simply walking along the coast in the privacy of a motor boat. Maybe getting off the beaten track? Have a guided tour, where Ithaca’s ancient past will be brought to life by a local and experienced agent. After all this exploration, surely a little pampering is in order. A beauty treatment, massage or a relaxing yoga session could be just the thing!

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Accommodation in Ithaca

Accommodation in Ithaca is the asset of the island. Here you can find all types of rooms and apartments, villas and hotels

Rent A Boat

Rent a boat in Ithaca Greece and live an amazing experience!!!

Rent an electric bike

Rent an electric bike in Ithaca and enjoy a great experience. Explore the villages of Ithaca either in the North or in the South.

Ithaca sea excursions and boat tours

Ithaca sea excursions and boat tours are the assets of the island, as the island’s coast is dotted with picturesque inlets, secluded beach coves.

Ithaca History Tours

Ithaca History Tours is one of the most amazing experiences you can experience on the island of Ithaca Greece..

Island Tours

Explore Ithaca island in the best possible ways. Ensure that your vacation , will be days to remember !


“Famous all around the world and through the depths of time.
An island with a history that dates back thousands of years, a worldwide symbol of nostos and of the love we feel for our homeland, Ithaca could demonstrate nothing less than a rich culture, still alive and present in the everyday life of its inhabitants and visitors”.